New Job or New Mind-set?

PicsArt_08-18-10.36.38I’m just coming off of maternity leave and the job I was doing last year was given to someone else. I literally feel like the life was being sucked out of me the last three years. I felt like I wasn’t good enough (which was confirmed when someone else came in and did my job better) or smart enough or organized enough. I felt like I was struggling and even when I did something amazing the culture I was in still screamed it wasn’t enough.

Even with that in mind I still prayed and prayed that God would give me my old job back, and His answer was NO! Thank you Lord! I wanted to go back cause I was comfortable, and I knew the people and I knew the job even though the job was making be anxious and depressed – at least I had a job!!

So here I am, absolutely whole from being broken down by God the last six months. God told me no over and over again and now on the other side I understand why. He wanted to give me a new mind-set. He wanted to show me that my purpose in life was not teaching – it was to show Him glory and to live for Him.

I still don’t know if I need to find a new career but at least if I do have to go back – I have a new mind-set.

IMG_20160817_090754I’m in a “waiting place” in my life right now.

God is doing amazing things in my spiritual life and allowing me to rest and gain strength in that relationship before He “puts me out into the world”. But as I am waiting, I am thinking about what I would like my next step to be (career wise) and I feel absolutely hopeless trying to navigate my way back into my career or a new one.

So I’m not going to do anything.  I am going to focus on God and allow Him to figure things out.

He’s got this.

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Making God Greater Than Ourselves

PicsArt_08-10-09.15.27John 3:30 jumped out at me this morning during my devotions.  All my life I have been looking for that feeling that accompanies reading an inspirational book that tells us how to become closer to God or find our purpose in life – basically the feel good moment that gets my day started.

Recently though, I have realized that I need to stop reading others words about the Bible and Jesus and actually start reading His words.

So I start today.

Don’t get me wrong, I have studied the Bible and my Bible is all marked up from reading it and studying it but I haven’t done any meditation of it in my new-found faith.  So when John 3:30 jumped off the pages at me this morning I felt so thankful that I had listened to God and picked up His book.

He must becoming greater and greater, and I must become less and less – John 3:30

John the Baptist spoke these words to his disciples when people start to go to Jesus to hear His words rather than Johns and to be baptised by Jesus instead of him.

He understood that he was doing Jesus’s work and that it was his job to help Jesus become greater.  It wasn’t about John speaking or baptizing – it was about Jesus.

It was always about Jesus and it’s still about Jesus.

It not about how far up the ladder we are promoted if we aren’t making it about Jesus.  It doesn’t matter how much money we make if we don’t have Jesus, and it doesn’t matter how perfect our family is if we don’t surrounded it with Jesus.

The more we make it about Jesus that greater our reward will be in heaven because at the end of the day it’s about Jesus and spending an eternity with Him.

How can we make God greater in our lives and make ourself less?

Gifts My Baby Gave Me

PicsArt_08-08-02.18.19I was sitting in a room with about 20 other women and their babies ranging from the ages of 3 months to 9 months. My baby was around 3 months at the time so basically still pretty new. As the Baby and Mommy group started the leader ask a questions…how has your life changed since birth? I was first up and my response was:

 “My baby has given me the best hair of my life!”

Everyone laughed along with me including the leader and once everyone settled down the leader said “but seriously, how has your life changed?” and I repeated:

“no seriously, my hair has never been better. I’m now the girl with “good hair”’.

She smiled and nodded and moved on to the next mother…that’s when I slowly realized with every different answer that I had answered the question wrong way.

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4 Ways To Be A Minimalist With Kids.

PicsArt_06-13-09.38.59Since becoming a mom my house has transformed from beautifully manicured house where everything had a home and nothing useless had a place in my house to a full-out hot mess with crap all over my house and food stuck to the floor.

Open concept means that toys just don’t stay in the living room  but migrate into the dinning room, kitchen, and entryway.

So, how do we combat this migration and keep their bedrooms becoming jungles of broken toys they never play with and clothes that never seem to be put away?

Here are 4 ways that I keep my house from becoming over crowed and keep my child organized:

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The Day I Didn’t Make Time For Jesus.

PicsArt_06-06-03.50.12Have you ever woken up in the morning with an unexplainable sadness?  Last Sunday morning I did.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was causing this unexplainable pain.

I tested touchy subjects with my heart by mentally running them through my mind to determine if that was causing me pain: broken friendships…nope; past mistakes…nope; past arguments with my husband…nope; going back to work after mat leave…nope.  Mentally touching on these subjects that would normally cause me pain didn’t seem to affect my sadness that morning.

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Killing People With Our Words.

PicsArt_06-03-09.04.17I strongly feel that people in today’s society feel that in order to be authentic they need to be truthful to the point of harmful.

Our purpose in life is not to point out flaws and break people with our words, but to encourage and show love and compassion with them.

There is a time and a place to point out areas that people can work on but unless your being asked or being paid or someone is causing harm to their self or others – keep it to yourself.

This isn’t about religion – this is about being human.

Share the love because some day you will be in a place where you need some love given back.


To The Woman With No Friends.


My Facebook is full of them….friends that I have let slip away.  Posting pictures with groups and tagging themselves in locations with others.   People going home and having get togethers and attending each others weddings.

But I’m not invited.

Not because they don’t like me but because I am no longer part of the circle…I no longer have ties.  I have moved beyond them emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am not someone they think of inviting because I have broken that connection and bond.

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